Past Presidents of the LIAA

  • Bill Abrams
  • Charlie Babcock
  • Lawrence Borger
  • Peter Hanson
  • Frank Hemenway
  • Jon Hickey
  • Joseph Broyles
  • Charles A. Burst
  • Gary Carbocci  
  • Michael Didyk
  • Joel Greifenberger
  • John Dougal
  • Bob Felix
  • Larry Ferrandiz
  • Bart Fusco
  • Tom Golon
  • Matt Daly
  • Fred Hyatt
  • Deborah Green
  • Jean Dodds
  • Celeste Richards
  • Jackson Dodds
  • Adriania Jacykewycz
  • Stan Jason
  • Ed Johnson
  • George LaMay
  • Don Lehman
  • S. Dennis Maud
  • Nick Menella
  • Freeman Parr
  • Sal Pezzino
  • Frances Reidy
  • H. Dennis P. Ryan
  • James Sottillo

About Us

The Long Island Arboricultural Association (LIAA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to education for the appreciation and care of shade trees and shrubs on Long Island.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

LIAA invites all members and supporters to participate in our Sponsorship program. These sponsorships help offset the increasing costs of providing one of the largest one-day program devoted to arboriculture in the Northeast, the Long Island Arboricultural Association's Annual Tree Symposium.

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